September 24, 2014

Interweb Goodies

Another week, another set of great links from around the web! Happy Hump Day!

Who doesn't want better skin? No one.  So unless you're no one check out these skincare mistakes you may be making and how to correct them

As the weather turns colder, the boots begin to come out! Make sure you know how to care for yours, check out these boot tips to keep yours in tip-top shape

Check out the humanitarian side of fashion and accessories with this great article on Lauren Conrad's the Little Market

The office can quickly become the land of drab and dull, check out these great pieces and accessories that will help you bring some life & color back into the workplace 

Many of us spend far too much time sitting and most of that time probably with poor posture. Here's a few exercises you can easily do that can ease your back and help improve your posture!


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