April 15, 2015

Interweb Goodies

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was National Equal Pay Day. Yup women are still being paid less, see how this store does its part in closing that gap!

SFhas amazing food! Here's a great list of what to eat & where! 

Everyone dreams, but what are they really all about? This article might help crack some of the mystery

Gammar is not my jam but it is important! Make sure you're not making these classic mistakes!

Summer is almost here! Can you smell it? It might smell like this..Check out these great summer scents brought to us by W Magazine 

Hope your taxes are filed!

April 14, 2015

Ashley's Obsessed: The Layover


This past weekend I had a major "Ashley weekend". I cleaned out my closet, did some reading, cooked, hung out with my Mom, and watched a ton of Netflix! While a lot of my time was spent watching old episodes of Parenthood and finishing up season 3 of House of Cards I found myself wanting to watch something about traveling. I ended up watching hours of Anthony Bourdain: The Layover. He's incredibly honest (sometimes brutally honest) about the places that he goes and the tourists that visits there, but it is incredibly refreshing. The Rome episode brought be back to the summer I spent there, the San Francisco episode truly highlighted some of the great parts of the city and the other episodes made me wanna hop on a plane!

If you ever want to travel from your couch/bed/iPad I highlight recommend joining Bourdain on his adventures!

What travel shows do you like to watch?! Let us know in the comments!


April 9, 2015

Afternoon Tea

This past weekend my went to afternoon tea with my college bestie Amy and her younger sister who was here visiting. Amy made reservations at Dartealing in SOMA in San Francisco. We had such a fabulous time and the tea house was too cute for words! The decor was girly without being too in-your-face and everything was super Instagram worthy! Take a look below for the adorable photos!

Pinkys out!!

We all loved how all of the china was mismatched, felt like you were just at a friend's house!

Being super arty with our photos

 We decided on the Taste-tea service for three, it was the perfect amount of food for lunch

We also  chose two teas, to be honest it was hard to decide, we finally selected the Jasmine & Jade and the Pinky Minky. They were both fantastic and complimented each other well!

The main event! I was so happy that I was able to see Becky! I first met her when she was only 6 and now she is all grown up and is so insightful and beautiful!

If you are ever in the city and wanting a fun girls afternoon definitely head here, if not for the tea then for the photos you will take!! 


April 6, 2015

Good Morning!

Hello everyone and happy Monday! We had a great weekend spending time with friends and family ans while weekends can be so much fun, you always know that eventually Monday will come. Here are some of the ways that I make Monday mornings (and every morning) a little bit better.


1. Set your alarm a little early to make sure you get up on time

2. Relax in bed for a few minutes, check your Instagram, read a couple pages of a book, or turn on a good song. I'm not one of those people who can immediately get up

3. Drink a glass of water to get your body moving and hydrated for the day

4. Take a couple of seconds to yourself once you are more awake, sometimes I stretch or think about what I have to look forward to that day, most of the time this is while I'm doing my hair/makeup.

5. Go on a walk! I walk to public transportation to get to my job, but even just a short walk around the block can clear your mind, give you some exercise, and wake you up!

What are some of your morning rituals? Let us know in the comments! 


April 3, 2015

Fashion Fridays: Mad Men Fashion

Since it originally started I have been obsessed with Mad Men. I've watched the entire series 3 times and have loved every moments of it. Don Draper is one of the greatest characters on television and the show itself has a enough plot twists as a day time soap opera! If you have been living under a rock for the past 8 years Mad Men follows an advertising agency in New York in the 1960s through all of the ups and downs and shake-ups along the way. This Sunday marks "The End of the Era" as Mad Men will premier it's final 7 episodes. If you start now you (and don't sleep) you might be able to catch up in time for the premier. While Mad Men has introduced us to some great characters over these past years the show has also provided us with some major fashion inspiration! 

Don Draper could never go wrong with a classic suit; black, blue, brown, grey- you name it he wore it

I know many people are not Betty Draper-Francis fans, but she is my favorite character. She always looks put together and is so true to herself. I love when she is all dressed up for cocktails but I think I like casual Betty more. I am so inspired by this pastel color palette and white sunnies, truly displaying that less is more. 

Joan is by far the most fierce woman on this show and her wardrobe showed that. I am always inspired to show off my curves and to try monochromatic jewel tones. The woman could also rock a broach and silk scarf. 

Megan's fashion has always been someone edgier than the other ladies on the show. See through dresses, bold prints, and mini skirts totally worked with her character. This muted pink shift dress and chevron print coat is by far one of my favorite outfits ever on the show. 

Since she is my favorite character I have to talk about Betty's dress. This dress has inspired me to find floral vintage prints. Such a classic look - I think I had a Barbie that had this dress. Bold florals are always in for Spring and Summer but now I am craving some light gloves and a matching handbag.

You can binge watch Mad Men on Netflix and catch the premier on AMC on Sunday!!


April 2, 2015

Monthly Mood: April


We're Loving

Spring and all the great-ness that comes with it! Fresh blooms at Trader Joe's, fresh produce at the Farmer's Market, and sunshine! April really feels like the start of great weather and care free weekends so we are looking forward to taking advantage of that. Ashley is super excited about the return of Mad Men and is looking forward to being inspired (again) by all of the flawless fashion on the show. We are also loving working out outside (morning walks are the best)!

We're Doing

We are all over the place this month. Ashley is headed to Nashville with her college roommates at the end of the month for a little girls-getaway! We have some birthdays to celebrate, so looking forward to spending time with friends as well family for Easter and Passover. Planning some upcoming summer trips is also an exciting project for us in April!!

We're Blogging

This month on the blog you have some fun to look forward to! Ashley will have a few Spring-time recipes for you including a DIY Mojito Bar! Since summer is upon us we are trying to get a little more active and healthy, so look forward to some health-conscious posts. Kira is doing some Spring Cleaning this month and will give you some tips on you to de-clutter your life.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let us know in the comments!

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April 1, 2015

Interweb Goodies

Happy Wednesday and April Fools Day! Check out some of the best links from the week below!

SpongeBob has the best pranks! 

Ashley can't wait to make these deviled eggs for Easter on Sunday!

I think everyone can agree that Pac Man is the best work distraction

This list of designer's favorite Ikea pieces is inspiring us to redecorate

Loving these Turkish Towels - perfect for upcoming picnics and beach days

This list of songs makes us want to get in the car and go!!

What links did you find this week? Let us know in the comments!