January 28, 2015

Interweb Goodies

A Guide to Palm Springs, California  |  The Fresh Exchange

 Ashley has been dreaming of a girls trip to Palm Springs, this is a great guide!

A guide to all of the hip workout trends! Hellloooo Barre classes!

One of our favorite online stores, Asos, is having a huge sale! 

With Superbowl this Sunday all we really care about is the food! 

Speaking of the Superbowl a look back at the most amazing half-time performance! #BOWDOWN


January 27, 2015

Month Long Learning

About a year ago a friend and I were talking about how we missed learning. College was so great not only because of the friends and parties, but because you were always learning something new. I took a wide variety of classes in college ranging from Economics to the relationship between Rap artists and religion. College classes gave you the opportunity to branch out and learn about new topics all the time.

And we truly missed that, which was how the concept of Month Long Learning came to be.

It's pretty simple, take a topic (seriously any topic) and focus on it for one month. You can chose your learning materials freely and at the end of the month you check in with your friend(s) to find out what you learned!


It has been a great way to dive into topics and learn new things. To kick off 2015 I am currently learning about the life of Coco Chanel. I'm reading a book about her, have watched a movie, and have read many different reticules about her life in France.

I am now challenging you all to do the same! Pick up a hobby, learn how to cook the perfect brownie, or learn more about modern art!

What would you like to do for your Month Long Learning? Let me know in the comments!


January 23, 2015

Photo Round Up - Our LA Adventure!

Happy Friday! Can you believe that it is already the weekend? This weekend it is one of our besties birthdays so we are looking forward to celebrating her! Today we are giving you a photo tour of our trip to LA last weekend! Enjoy!

Starting of the weekend with a road trip on the 5 - hats are a must!

The first thing we did was visit the Academy Awards Costume Exhibit
The exhibit was fascinating and if you are in LA or visiting we definitely reccommend it! Costumes from Titanic, Indiana Jones, Moulin Rouge, Hunger Games and everything in between!

A trip to LACMA isn't complete without a visit to Urban Lights!

That night we headed to Tatsu Ramen (we would have a pic but we were so hungry we forgot)

The next day we spent at the Grove shopping at TopShop (love) and enjoying some delish eats from Fritzi Dog

After The Grove we headed to Melrose for some window shopping! 




And along the way we found some great spots for pictures! 

That night we visited with Kira's aunt in Santa Monica and enjoyed drinks at  The Misfit

A great lunch outside at Grilliant

The big highlight of our weekend was seeing Conan! It was so interesting to see how a live show is taped and we had a blast being there!

Lovely LA! 

We are looking forward to some more weekend trips this year! Make sure to following along! 


January 16, 2015

Let's Get Away: LA

Three day weekends are amazing for quick & close trips! This weekend Ash & I, plus some other lovely ladies will be getting away to LA! 
Me and my LA bestie enjoying the Urban Lights at LACMA

I love LA for a weekend. Its fun, it's warm and there is plenty to do, see and eat!

We don't have a ton planned but we are excited to live it up in our own little apartment via Airbnb! Here's a few of the things we are very much looking forward too...

I got tix to see Conan!! So excited to see a live taping of a show!

I've been to LACMA several times and am so excited to be returning to see what looks like an incredible special exhibit: The Hollywood Costume Exhibit

We also plan to do some shopping (maybe mostly window) on Melrose or some of the great boutiques on Abbot Kinney.

Abbot Kinney also has two of my fave bars in LA; The Other Room, which is completely candle lit and amazing and The Brig which is a fun/dancey/strange place!

There are also friends and family to visit with which always makes a trip fun and special. Be sure to follow along with us on our LA adventure via Twitter and Instagram!


January 14, 2015

Bring Your Pins to Life

How many of us are guilty of having thousands of pins on Pinterest and never doing any of the projects, making any of the desserts, or wearing any of the outfits? *Raises hand quickly*

One of my New Years resolutions is to try one thing from Pinterest every week. I want to try different project to see what I like and what I want to incorporate into my every day life! At one point I liked the pin enough to pin it so I might as well try it!

Here are some of my guidelines:

- Has to be something new that I haven't done before
- Try to have at least one thing a month that isn't a recipe (meaning a craft, beauty trend, or outfit)
- Report back on what I found at the end of the month on the blog!

This month I have done 2 recipes and am currently looking for my next couple of projects. Look forward to an upcoming blog at the end of the month that chronicles the ups and downs of this 52 week project!

Make sure to follow along on Pinterest to see what projects I might be doing!


Interweb Goodies

Happy Wednesday!!! 

 Casual Stripes on Rue de Marbeuf.

Loving this simple but chic travel outfit! 

These ice cubes are screaming YES for an upcoming party! 

We are headed to LA this weekend so we will be looking to Cupcakes and Cashmere for some ideas for places to eat!

We still can't get over the awkwardness of this interview!

A great roundup to snacks, all under 150 calories! Perfect for afternoon cravings in the office!

Be sure to follow up on Twitter and Instagram this weekend to follow along on our trip to LA!


January 7, 2015

Interweb Goodies

Image courtesy of Refinery 29
Happy Wednesday!

Refinery 29 explores the most Instagram worthy stores in Oakland and San Francsico - let's go shopping!!!

Did you buy or use any of these products this year?

We love too look back on the photos from the year.

We are still loving holiday treats with this use of eggnogg for breakfast.

WhereSF gives you a list of 40 free ways to explore San Francisco. 


January 6, 2015

Ashley's Obsessed : I Am A Food Blog

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday during my lunch break at work I was looking through some recipes on Pinterest and thought to myself - I need some new food blogs to follow! I have a few that I check out every once in a while but I have been feeling un-inspired recently. With the new year I really want to save money by cooking at home, and I love cooking so why not? It is a fun way to wind down after a long day!

jalapeno broccoli mac and cheese recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

As I was looking through a few articles I found my latest and greatest obsession., I Am A Food Blog

 coconut tres leches french toast recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

Okay let's talk about the photos - they are amazing. So clear and crisp and seriously she could make even the most boring PB&J look decadent.

 Bratwurst Grilled Cheese Recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

The recipes are attainable and easy to re-create. I am looking forward to diving into some in the New Year!

Check out her amazing blog and feel instantly inspired to cook!


** All photos are featured on I Am A Food Blog.com

January 5, 2015

Monthly Mood: January

Happy first Monday of  2015! We cannot believe it! New Years is always a good time to look at what you have accomplished and what you have to look forward to! This new year is no exception and we are excited to welcome a new month! 

We're Loving:

The return of our shows!! Downton Abby is back this weekend, Girls, and Glee are returning also! Liking a simplistic look for January- blacks, whites, greys, and comfy knits. Ashley is looking forward to the beginning of Award Show Season (aka the best season) with the Golden Globes with Amy Pohler and Tiny Fey!

We're Blogging:

Highlighting ways to stay motivated and organized in the beginning of the year. Cold-weather outfits and recipes! Some great workout playlists to get you motivated for those New Years resolutions! Also a mini book club and ways to spending your time mindfully.

We're Doing:

We will have a busy January! The fun of the holiday season is over, but we are still having our own fun! We are heading to LA for the 3-day-weekend coming up! Road-tripping it down, hoping to see some sites and going to see Conan! We are also celebrating one of our besties birthdays, having dinner parties, and going to crab feeds. The last weekend of the month we will be geeking out at Walker-Stalker Con in San Francisco!

What are you looking forward to this month?