January 14, 2015

Bring Your Pins to Life

How many of us are guilty of having thousands of pins on Pinterest and never doing any of the projects, making any of the desserts, or wearing any of the outfits? *Raises hand quickly*

One of my New Years resolutions is to try one thing from Pinterest every week. I want to try different project to see what I like and what I want to incorporate into my every day life! At one point I liked the pin enough to pin it so I might as well try it!

Here are some of my guidelines:

- Has to be something new that I haven't done before
- Try to have at least one thing a month that isn't a recipe (meaning a craft, beauty trend, or outfit)
- Report back on what I found at the end of the month on the blog!

This month I have done 2 recipes and am currently looking for my next couple of projects. Look forward to an upcoming blog at the end of the month that chronicles the ups and downs of this 52 week project!

Make sure to follow along on Pinterest to see what projects I might be doing!


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