January 5, 2015

Monthly Mood: January

Happy first Monday of  2015! We cannot believe it! New Years is always a good time to look at what you have accomplished and what you have to look forward to! This new year is no exception and we are excited to welcome a new month! 

We're Loving:

The return of our shows!! Downton Abby is back this weekend, Girls, and Glee are returning also! Liking a simplistic look for January- blacks, whites, greys, and comfy knits. Ashley is looking forward to the beginning of Award Show Season (aka the best season) with the Golden Globes with Amy Pohler and Tiny Fey!

We're Blogging:

Highlighting ways to stay motivated and organized in the beginning of the year. Cold-weather outfits and recipes! Some great workout playlists to get you motivated for those New Years resolutions! Also a mini book club and ways to spending your time mindfully.

We're Doing:

We will have a busy January! The fun of the holiday season is over, but we are still having our own fun! We are heading to LA for the 3-day-weekend coming up! Road-tripping it down, hoping to see some sites and going to see Conan! We are also celebrating one of our besties birthdays, having dinner parties, and going to crab feeds. The last weekend of the month we will be geeking out at Walker-Stalker Con in San Francisco!

What are you looking forward to this month?


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