February 19, 2015

Bring Your Pins to Life : January Recap

One of my New Years Resolutions is to try out more of my Pinterest projects. I love Pinterest and I think it is a great way to give blogger's ideas and projects a platform! I have challenged myself to do a new project every week and they can't all be food projects. Here is my little January recap.

Tikka Masala 

My first project of the new year! I whipped up a big batch of this on a Saturday to eat during the week for lunches. While this was a great recipe, there are some tweaks I would make to it if I made it again. 1. Not use as many tomatoes 2. Use a mix of cream and a good brand of coconut milk. I think next time I would make sure I didn't cook it as long (I wanted everything to be mixed together) but it make the chicken fall apart. Lastly, I would definitely marinate my chicken for a while before in a yogurt sauce, then do a dry rub of spices.

Hair Mask 


I've always loved a good at-home hair mask. Always a great thing to do while watching reality TV on a Sunday afternoon. This was a great mask and one that I would try again. I love using coconut oil in my hair and the addition of the lemon juice made it smell great! My hair and scalp felt smooth and full of life after!

Carmel Apple Cheesecake

Caramel Apple Mini Cheesecakes with Streusel Topping | Cooking Classy

I made these for a dinner party that Kira and I had with our friends when we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts. Let me tell you - these were a hit! They were really easy to make, and had so much flavor! While it did take some time to make because there are a lot of different steps, it never felt like it was a hard or that the measurements had to be perfect. I can't wait to try other types!

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pull Apart Bread  

A delicious 1-time-a-year food! I made this for a family event and it was goooooddddd and obviously super healthy! This is really easy to put together and was a huge hit, however I would highly recommend using bread that is more on the stale as it would be easier to cut and stay "standing". My bread deflated and became more life a flat bread!

Check back in March to see what projects I completed in February!!


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