February 18, 2015

Interweb Goodies: Academy Awards Edition

Hump Day! It's here - and so quick! One of Ashley's favorite days of the year is the Academy Awards. She loves seeing what everyone is wearing, predicting who will win, and spending time with friends! Take a look below at some Academy Awards inspired links!


Love this Infograpic of what Best Actress winners have won over the years - Ashley's favorites are Audrey Hepburn's 1954 Givenchy dress, Julia Robert's 2001 Valentino, and Jennifer Lawrence's 2013 Dior dress!

 Cheryl Strayed who wrote "Wild" is wearing a dress by a local designer out of her hometown of Portland which we think is awesome!

Some fun Oscar's trivia to impress your friends with while you are watching the show.

A great idea for what to serve at your viewing party 

And finally a list of nominees and predictions! 

Check back tomorrow for some ideas on what to do for your viewing party!


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