May 7, 2015

Monthly Mood : May

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Can you believe that May is here? We definitely can't! Where has this year gone? A new month brings new fun and adventures! Take a look below to see what we are loving, doing, and blogging this May!

We're Loving

With the weather being so nice it has been great to spend time outside, we are both really enjoying morning  and evening walks in our neighborhoods - get outside!! Speaking of being outside, nice weather also means we can enjoy happy hour/meals outside with gorgeous views. Ashley is also becoming re-obsessed with Gary Clark Jr., we have seen him in concert twice and we are both huge fans. If you haven't listed to him check him out!

We're Doing

Ashley's trip to Nashville had to be push back, but she is headed there at the end of the month, make sure to follow along on Instagram and look forward to some posts when she gets back!  May is Kira's birthday month!! We will be celebrating a lot, 25 is a big year!! We will be spending time with our Mom's in honor of Mother's Day, make sure to send your Mom and all of the other Mom's in your life lots of love this Sunday. With summer right around the corner we are also trying to feel healthy, healthy eating and squat challenges are on our list!

We're Blogging

Lots of this and that this month! Ashley is whipping up some spring time recipes including a peach pie. We will be doing lots of blogging about Kira's birthday festivities and the best outdoor party essentials. We are in the process of planning a trip to Boston with our friends and we will have some trip planning tips and how to plan with such a large group of girls. We will also be diving into this blog world that we are in! Stay tuned!

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