July 14, 2015

Ashley's Summer To-Do List

Almost ready for the surf & sun! Just a couple more essentials ... #alwayssomethingnew 

I can't believe we are almost half-way through summer and I feel like I haven't done everything I want to do yet! This past weekend I made a list of all of the summer-filled activities that I still want to partake in. I did this last summer and it was a great way to stay focused and find fun things to do. I highly recommend doing one for each season. Below is a sampling of some of the items on my list; 

1. Go to the beach 

2. Host a BBQ with my extended family 

3. Take a walk with friends by the bay while eating delish ice cream 

4. Make pineapple margaritas for a girls night

5. Go wine tasting in Napa 

6. Go to my cabin for a weekend with friends 

7. Spend a day reading in the park 

8. Try out a new restaurant with an outdoor patio 

9. Plant some new succulents in my yard (California drought friendly!)

10.  Visit a county fair or festival 

What are some items on your list? 


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