July 28, 2015

New Fave Podcast - Mystery Show

This past Friday night I hosted a girls night with some friends. We were all chatting about our weeks and catching up on life when my friend told me about a new podcast that she had been listening to, Mystery Show. She knew I was a HUGE fan of Serial (because she told me about that one as well) so she told me about her newest obsession. I love listening to Podcasts when I walk to and from public transportation for work, while I am on public transportation I read. It's a little schedule I have going for myself. Anyways, I started listing to Mystery Show and it's great. Each episode they dive into a mystery that "cannot be solved by going online". I love this because I think it is a great way to remember that not everything is searchable online and sometimes you have to step away from the computer to find things out, anyone remember encyclopedias?

There are 5 episodes so far and each is very unique, from celebrity heights to licenses plate meanings this podcast does not disappoint!

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