October 25, 2013

AKA Reads

We both love to read!

Reading can be the perfect thing to do before you fall asleep at night, or the most amazing Sunday afternoon activity.
harry potter

We are both currently re-reading the Harry Potter series, as we are both huge Harry Potter fans. It has been really fun to re-read and rediscover the series.  Its fun to find and discuss all the new links we've found and all the details we might have missed or forgotten since we were reading them as kids, as well as revisit some of the major differences between the books and movies.

Ashley is currently in a book club with one of our close friends and it has been a great way for them to read different styles of books and to keep each other motivated and on track with their reading. We thought it would be a fun idea to do with each other and anyone elsewho wants to join in!
great gatsby gone girl

all about love life of pi

Click on the books above to check out what we have been reading recently

(and where you can purchase the books in the East Bay!)

So grab a book and a friend and spend some time away from a screen (as I type and you read via a screen). Its really nice to read for yourself, rather than school or work. It can be a free vacation and great for relaxation if you let it. Revisit old books like we are and keep fining new favorites!
Let us know what your reading!



  1. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan as well (it's the inspiration behind my own blog). I'll have to check out some of the other books you recommend.


  2. I am reading half blood prince for the first time and I cant believe I have put it off for so long and I cant believe I only have one book left so what is your fav book out of the Harry Potter books? ( Potterhead)

  3. I think everyone should love HP! And do check out the books and suggest them as well, with so many great books out there I love a good recommendation to help me decide what to read next.

  4. Ah half blood prince is awesome and you must read the last book as soon as soon as your finished !
    I love the first book, The Sorcerers Stone bc I remember my mom buying it for me and reading it for the first time, very nostalgic. I also love the 5th book, Order of the Phoenix. The characters are more mature and the book is very dark which reading again now that I'm older I really appreciate and understand better.

  5. I'm defiantly going to read the last book . My fav book is prisoner of azkaban but what is your opinion on prisoner of azkaban?

  6. I think they are all great but I like Azkaban bc Harry finally gets family and support. Plus I love he marauders map and all the adventure!

  7. I agree. A reread of HP is a rediscovery.