October 9, 2013

Clean Sweep

We wash our hands, we wash our clothes and we wash countless other items but we may be forgetting to wash our makeup brushes.

So from me to you, here's a reminder to do so!

To clean my makeup brushes I use Bare Essentials brush conditioning shampoo. You can also use other drug store versions or any other mild soap or shampoo of your choice. I'd suggest you'd go with a gel like soap or shampoo for best cleaning results.  The rest is pretty easy!

photo 1
  1. wet brush, room temp water is best
  2. use just a drop of brush cleaner and work the product through the brush
  3. rinse brush until water runs clear (here's where you'll see all the left behind gunk)
  4. squeeze out excess water and re-shape brush so that it dries correctly
  5. lay brush out on a towel and let air dry, only use brush when it is completely dry!
It only takes a few minutes and its worth it! Cleaning can help your brushes last longer and help prevent your skin from breaking out. They will also feel great on your skin!
photo 2


  1. Hi :)
    How long does it take with the Bare Essentials product for the brushes to dry after cleaning them, please? X

  2. Hi! I usually set mine on a window sill to speed things up but it can take a few hours, 3 or 4 to completely dry. I suggest you wash after you've done your make up for the day. Thanks!