September 21, 2014

A mini world inside a globe

Recently I took a class on how to build your own terrariums. I have always loved the look of them and think they are a great way to add some color and texture into a space. The globes are modern but with the natural colors of the succulents, I think it just looks so cool.

I took the class with my friend, Amy, and we trekked our way out to the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco. The class was taught by Bradi of Sunshine and Succulents, who teaches workshops, classes, and team-building events. If you are interested in succulents or terrariums at all please contact her - she is great!

The class covered everything, how to take care of succulents, how to create your own terrarium, and some fun facts about succulents - like how if you have a leaf from a healthy succulent that has fallen off (or cut) from a plant, a whole new succulent can grow! I had no idea, they are so fascinating.

Now onto our terrariums, we first picked out our succulents and planted them, making sure that they had enough space to grow and plant roots. Brandi was great at giving us step-by-step instructions and reasoning behind all of the steps.

We then decorated it with sand, rocks, and moss.

And voila!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to make your own!


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