September 10, 2014

Runway Anthems

Have you been watching fashion week? Ashley has been glued to it on her computer. She keeps saying that it's her version of the World Cup. All of the shows have been so fun to watch and it's already getting us excited for Spring Fashion (we know a little premature, but whatever)

Image via Getty Images via CNN

In honor of NYFW we put together a list of the songs that we would strut our stuff down the runway to, with perfect lighting, flawless clothes, and our faves sitting front row...

Ashley's Picks 

"I Just Came To Say Hello" Dragonette

Okay, this beat just makes me want to put on a pair of high heels and strut. I was actually at a fashion show and they used this song and it was used so well.

"Bulletproof" La Roux

I love this song for multiple reasons, well one- it's great and two- it reminds be of being in New York City when I was 19 and this song was my song that trip, ever since then it reminds me of fashion and bad bitches.

"Flashing Lights" Kanye West

The beginning of this song makes me think of what fashion will be like in the future; dark and mysterious(for you Kanye fans to there - you know I'm obvi channeling my inner Kanye) but once the beat drops it feels sexy and glamorous.

Kira's Picks

"Boom Boom Pow Remix" Black Eyed Peas ft. Kid Cudi
I would not normally support the Black Eyed Peas but I do love Kid Cudi and this remix goes hard, especially the opening lines. The line "sexy fuckin killer" could easily get me out on the runway.

"Summer Love/Set The Mood"  Justin Timberlake
I always liked the beat of this song. I always picture myself cruisin down the street windows down loving the beat, or in my alternate model life, I'd be working the runway stomping to the beat.

"Upgrade U" Beyonce ft. Jay Z
The Queen B can always get you pumped but this song in particular has always been one of my faves. Fierce female empowerment leads to a fierce runway walk.

What song would give you that extra pow! to walk down the runway?


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