September 11, 2014

Fashion Fridays: Tracy

Happy Friday!

This week we are talking to one of Ashley's most fashionable friends from college, Tracy! Ashley and Tracy met in Ashley's Freshmen year of college (Tracy was a Sophomore) and they instantly clicked. Throughout their time in college, they spent endless nights talking about clothes, fashion, and blogging (yes they even had a blog together at one point... please don't look it up as it's kind of embarrassing). They also completed in a Nation-wide Macy's fashion marketing challenge in 2011 in which they came up with a new way to market Macy's clothes to a college generation.Tracy has always had a style of her own - purple hair before it was "cool", menswear tops over strapless dresses to a party, and comfy clothes that look effortlessly chic.

Heading to an "Ugly Sweater Party" (ignore my messy house) via 2010

We had Tracy show us some of her favorite items in her closet and talk to us a little about fashion below!

Franco Sarto ankle boots, Last Chance Phoenix

Men's purple flannel shirt, Uniqlo

Clover Canyon dress (gift from my mother/sister)

Alexander Wang dress, Last Chance Phoenix

Sandals from Zara ($15 on clearance!!)

Who is your favorite fashion icon? 

Huge fan of Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth and the Olsen twins. If they're not considered icons yet, they will be! They always rock the unconventional with a load of class.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 

Last Chance in Phoenix all the way! It's where all the Nordstrom returns get sent and discounted, which is great for a stingy lady like me. Also I enjoy Necessary Clothing online for trendy basics.

How would you define your personal style?

Ever-changing. Right now on my off days, I'd call it tailored hipster I guess? I like wearing skinny cargos and half tucked in shirts to keep my waist small. But I'll throw on a crazy pair of heels. But when I was 18, I loved men-inspired wear for women. Untied ties, button ups, billowy jeans, vintage looking t-shirts.

Any bloggers or Instagramers out there with impeccable fashion that you believe everyone should follow?

Style by Nohea is my favorite. She's very much her own brand (and also AZ based!)

What are some of your current favorite trends?

I love the peeping midriff trend. It's the only 90's throwback I can truly get behind, I just need to get to trying it!

What is your favorite item in your closet?

I wear the crap out of Uniqlo leggings. I wear the "insulated" ones year round and they are endlessly durable.

If money was no object, what is the item that you would love to have?
Let's be real... it would actually be a carbon fiber, tennis ball yellow Mercedes. It's completely electric, no fuel. I saw it on Top Gear. Fashion girls can love cars, too, you know. 

***I only say this because I am THIS close to buying myself a pair of Valentino Rock studs in nude (after lots of saving and fitness motivation)!

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