December 31, 2014

New Years Resolutions

The end of the year gives us time to reflect on what we accomplished and what we hope for in the next year. We are thrilled to start of 2015 with a bang!

Fave throwback NYE pic, we thought it was just a picture of us haha...

Blog Resolutions

Take more pictures - We both got new DSLR camera's this year. We want to have a lot more photography on the blog and take more pictures for Instagram! In addition to taking more picture we would also like to really learn how to use our DSLR's!

Post every day - This can be a hard one, especially with traveling, jobs, holidays, and life! But posting everyday will keep us excited and enthusiastic.

Try out new things, even if they don't work out - Sometimes a post doesn't work out, and that's fine! We think that being honest and trying new things is what makes blogging fun!

Network - We want to put ourselves out there more, meet up with other Bay Area bloggers (anyone out there wanna meet up?!), go to local events, and spread the word about this little blog.

Ashley's Resolutions

Explore the world  - I already have a few trips planned; LA with Kira and our friend Nicole, a girls trip with my college roomies, East Coast for 4th of July! I just want to throughly enjoy this year and have fun and inexpensive trips planned!

Keep doing creative things outside of work  - My job can be very technical at times, so I really want to make sure I am tapping into my creative side through mini-side projects.

Find fun ways to workout  - I really want to up my workout game in 2015, and not only that I want it to be fun with friends. Hiking, swimming, dance classes, and trendy workout classes are at the top of my list!

Spend time with family and friends - I really really want to put in effort this year to make plans with people. Lunch date with my Aunt? Coffee with a friend from college? Trip to a museum with an old co-worker? I want to have lots of things planned out this year with people that I don't see as often.

Kira's Resolutions

I'm really trying to just live life day by day! Planning for the future is hard and you never know what surprises life will throw at you. That being said there are a few things I really want to focus on in 2015!

Cook More - I don't think of myself as a cook but I always enjoy trying out new recipes. Blogging with Ashley has really made me step out of my comfort zone and cook things I would have shied away from before, AKA those brie stuffed pretzels. Intimidatingly delicious!

Exercise - With my new work schedule I haven't been able to play soccer like I was before, so instead I was just doing nothing. I really want to find a fun and consistent way to fit exercise into my schedule.

Travel - I always want to travel more. Day trips, domestic, international, i'll take it all! I don't think that will ever change!

Move - I really want to find a new place to live that will be more functional for my life and closer to my job!

Happy New Years! What are some of your resolutions!?


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