November 19, 2014

Interweb Goodies

Happy Hump Day!

This past weekend Solange got married and killed it. Her looks were amazing and the photography incredible. She is so f-in cool! Check out her amazingness here and here! Oh and her new hubby aint bad either!

Born and raised in the Bay! We would have in no other way, check out this great and pretty accurate list of signs you were born and raised here.

Tis the season to eat, eat, eat and ask for gifts BUT it is also a great time to remember that not everyone may have it as good as you. Make an effort and give back in some way. Here is an awesome list of things food banks need that are less obvious than canned corn!

This table display will make you want to eat the table! Delicious and fruity and we want it!

And lastly as the fun of the holidays is near you may be finding it harder to stay focused. Never fear because we found you two great lists to assist you in getting more shit done! List 1 & List 2, enjoy!


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