November 3, 2014

Monthly Mood: November

Happy November!

The year is just flying by isn't it? This upcoming month we have a lot of fun coming your way! We have invested in a new camera, so you will be seeing a lot more photography on the blog, outfit posts, crafts, adventures, cooking! Be on the look out this month for some book reviews, especially since we both have been reading so much while commuting to work.

Ashley is looking forward to whipping up some fun fall recipes - pumpkin french toast and kale-sausage-tortellini soup are coming your way! We are both obsessing over The Walking Dead, and love getting together and watching it every Sunday! The weather is getting crisp and Kira is loving being able to bring out her coats! We are both so ready for the stylish comfy fashions of fall and winter. Bring on the seasonal change, we invite it! We have a lot of fun activities this month too, a few housewarming parties, Ashley is heading up to her cabin, the Mockingjay movie premier, and of course Thanksgiving!

What are you looking forward to this November?


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