December 11, 2014

DIY Gold Ornaments

Think these ornaments are super chic (like Crate and Barrel / Z Gallerie chic?) Us too! Which is why we are so excited to share that they are both easy and cheap to make.


Hot Glue
Twine (string or ribbon will work great too!)
Spray paint (we picked gold but any color would look great)

Decide your shapes and glue!

You will want to put a small drop of glue on the tips of the toothpick and then quickly match it up with the other toothpick. Hold for a couple of seconds and then move to the next!

Once they have dried spray with your spray paint for an expensive finish!

Take your twine and loop it through and there are your ornaments!

We had so much fun making these! Let us know how yours turn out!


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