December 23, 2014

Shopping Tips for the Procrastinator!

Happy Tuesday! Can you believe that Christmas is only a few days away? We can't either! We spent this weekend prepping for family gatherings, shopping, and enjoying that last weekend of the holiday season. Foe those of your who put off your shopping until the last minute, below are some clever gift ideas that you can put together quickly (and inexpensively)

DIY Gardeners Gift Set

Green Thumb

Included: seeds, a pot, gloves, and shovel. All things you can find at your local 

Ridiculously cute martini party favor ~Cute idea but uhh...are the olives supposed to be thrown in there like that?...~

Cocktail Artist 

Included: martini glasses (found at the dollar store!),  a cocktail book, fancy straws 

                              A Gift In a Tin: Movie Night in a Tin | The DIY Mommy

Friday Night In with a Friend

Included - a "gift" of a Redbox movie, fancy popcorn, a bottle of wine

                          38 Best DIY Food Gifts  Maybe it's not a flat-screen TV, but everyone's gotta eat. These make great party favors or a nice gift for a party host.

Cupcake Lover

Included : baking cups, sprinkles, decorating items.

For fans of the Serial podcast. Mail...Kimp? | Teespring

 The Serial Lover 

Included - a print out of all of the documents from the website, a box of cereal, promise of a "let's figure it out day", Mail Kimp t-shirt

Good luck with all of your last minute shopping! 



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