December 2, 2014

Giving Back

Since we are in the beginning of the holiday season, the season where we can easily get caught up in what we want and shopping and spending money, it's important to remember others. Especially those who may not be as fortunate as yourself! There are countless opportunities for you to give back to your community, here's a few of our ideas...

to your local food bank
to Toys 4 Tots
warm clothes, especially coats!
linens/sheets to animal shelters
toiletries to shelters/food banks
books/school supplies to local schools/youth organizations

Spend some time at your local...
Soup Kitchen - help prepare or serve a meal
Senior Center - have a great conversation with someone wiser than you
Animal shelter - cuddle up to some furry friends

What ever you choose to do this holiday season just remember it's often better to give than to receive!


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