October 13, 2014

Ashley's Obsessed: As If

Eww... as if!

Oh Cher Horowitz, how you inspired so many young girls to use that phrase. I remember being in elementary school and "playing" Clueless with my friends. Seriously for my 7th birthday I remember getting the new Spice Girls cassette tape (whoa!) and staying up late to watch Clueless with my mom - late probably being 9pm!

Well now that I have grown up I still truly appreciate the movie, the fashion, the friendships, and the jargon. When I saw this "As If" print on Etsy I knew I had to order it! It's such a cute print, and is a chic nod to a fabulous catch phrase!

One of my fave parts from the movie!

Whats your favorite catch phrase from a movie?? Let us know in the comments!


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