October 31, 2014

Fashion Fridays: How To Dress Like An Icon

Happy Halloween!!!

On today's very special edition of Fashion Fridays we are showing you how to dress like some of the most fashionable ladies of the past and present.

Icon: Frida Kahlo

Pile on the flowers, embroidery and boho jewelry and you can easily become the beautiful and talented Frida. Don't be shy, pencil in that iconic unibrow and throw on a red lip!

Icon: Beyonce
Who wouldn't wanna be Queen B for a day! Grab a bodysuit and all black everything and your half way there! I'd say the other half of this costume is having the attitude of Yonce! BOW DOWN!

Icon: Josephine Baker

The beautiful Josephine Baker can be pulled off in many ways. Here we have a more modern look, also one that won't get you arrested! The sheer top and yellow skirt are a great nod to her iconic topless/banana skirt look. Add some great art deco accessories and glam up your makeup!

Madonna's fearless & fun 1980's look can be achieved but items in your closet! A black crop top, full skirt, and combat boots are the base of the fit. Make sure to tease your hair and add a fun bow!! 

Audrey's look is classic and timeless. Achieve her Breakfast at Tiffany's look with a black dress, cat eye sunnies, and add a cat accessory for a nod to her nameless pet. Or for her Funny Face look throw on a black turtleneck and skinny jeans complete the look with a pony and bangs. 

Anna Wintour
Fashion's sometimes scariest icon can be put together with a black skirt and blazer with a class black pair of pumps. Make sure to carry an issue of Vogue and wear some oversized sunglasses!

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