October 24, 2014

Fashion Fridays: My Favorite Men's Fashion Blogs

I like keeping up with men's fashion for many reasons. I mean just look at this first picture, it should really speak for itself. But besides beautiful men, I also like to see what the men are up to and seek inspiration from them. Now more than ever I see men and women's fashion becoming less separate and the gender lines becoming more blurred. I love it. I love a menswear inspired look with touches of femininity. Here are some of my fave male fashion bloggers, Enjoy!

I AM GALLA: Beautiful man, Beautiful photos, Beautiful outfits. For a daily dose of this dapper dude, his Instagram is beautiful too

Cup of Couple: I came across this amazing couple a little while ago. They are aesthetically perfect. They do great lay outs of clothes and objects that often include their adorable dog! They live in Madrid and sometimes they post pictures of places I was able to visit last year so its a nice little reminder of my trip.

DapperLou:  Another great, visually and stylistically stunning blog is Dapper Lou. He has a great style and a great Instagram account, which is where I first discovered him. You may recognize him from his recent work with Banana Republic!

Closet Freaks: This is one of my newest finds in the mens department. I would probably dress most like Anthony out of the men featured today. If I was given the chance to steal his closet I probably would. He is very clean cut and modern but never boring, he makes great color and pattern choices. 

Who are some of your fave male bloggers?


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