October 23, 2014

Oregon Eats - Elk Horn Brewery

Image via Elk Horn Brewery Facebook

While I was in Eugene last weekend I really wanted to visit some of their best local spots. I was hoping to get to a few new restaurants, try some local brews, and really get a feel for the city.

One place that did not disappoint was Elk Horn Brewery.

I had driven past it a couple of times on my way to campus, it is on a busy corner, has an eye-catching sign, and a great patio. I instantly knew I wanted to go.

Saturday night after the big Oregon vs. Washington football game we were starving and ready to chill for a bit. We thought that Elk Horn would be the perfect spot - and boy were we right!
House made cider! 

The ambiance there is great, energetic staff greet you and are super knowledgeable about the beers on tap. They have a wide range for any drinker, I ended up with their house made crisp apple cider. I was also able to taste a couple of their other drinks too and they all were great.

Excuse my brother on the left! Just had to get an interior shot! 

They have some standing tables and big TVs to watch while you wait to be seated. There is a lot to look at, animals on the walls, the cooks in the kitchen (the kitchen reminded me of one at summer camp, super open and industrial), and these fabulous antler chandeliers.
Fantastic menu! 

Seriously how good does this Chicken and Waffles look?

Once we got our table on the patio (that had a fire pit and Edison light bulbs  running in the trees (adorbs).  The menu looked so good we didn't know what to order,  everything looked great! My mom and I decided to ditch our diet and we ordered the jalapeƱo hushpuppies and pork skins, both choices were great! Pork skins were nice and crunchy and the hushpuppies  were extremely flavorful.

If you ever find yourself in Eugene, Oregon please go to Elk Horn! They have only been open for a couple of months and would love the support!


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