October 1, 2014

Interweb Goodies

You got my attention with pineapple, you had me with mojito! Check out this delish recipe for Pineapple Mojitos here!

As we've gotten a bit older and our wallets have grown some, We've tried to phase out of F21 and into more grown up, quality pieces, but damnit they just came out with a gorgeous collection of coats! We can't stay away. Kira is loving the checkered moto jacket in particular!

We have been thinking of dyeing Kira's hair, yes we, because how could she make that decision alone! Here is a great "broke girls guide" to keeping your color and wallet in check!

Casual is always comfy, but you can't always get away with it. However with a few twists and additions a casual outfit can be easily dressed up! Don't believe us? Check out WhoWhatWear's great slideshow

And yay Fall TV is back! We both love Grey's Anatomy and we're loving the song that closed out the first episode this season. Take a listen below!


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