August 13, 2014

Amazing Apps: Balanced

Your phone is no longer your phone. It is a social media, web browsing, tv, radio, camera, super machine. It is complicated and helpful and distracting all at the same time.

In a world full of apps sometimes its nice to have one that promotes wellness and positivity. So this week I present to you, one of my new favorite apps: Balanced

Balanced provides simplicity and motivation. It is essentially an app that provides you with reminders and goals. In the free version you are able to set 5 reminders or goals for yourself, while in the paid version you can set an unlimited amount. The app provides a variety of examples such as; self improvement, read, see a friend, be present and on an on. You are also able to write in your own goals.

Once you set your goals you can choose how often you wish to complete them and the app will notify you of when you should be working on an activity. Once complete you can open the app and swipe right to mark that your done. You also have the option to skip an activity and the app tracks how often you do the activity and if you do so on time. This way you can keep track of how on task you have been. During the day the app also checks in with you, promoting mindfullness and wellness. It will often ask me: Are you living a balanced life? or What would bring you greater happiness today?

Again I love this app and the positivity it brings to me each day. As of now I have 4 reminders set, (I recently deleted my "Apply to Jobs" reminder as I just got hired!) my reminders are; Play some sport/exercise, Be adventurous, be thankful and watch a foreign film (to practice my Spanish).

What reminders would you set?


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