August 15, 2014

Fashion Fridays : Simple/Feminine/Glam

Fashion Fridays : Simple/Feminie/Glam

Fashion Fridays : Simple/Feminie/Glam by akablog featuring ballerina shoes

It's Friday!!! And, also my birthday weekend! I love a good birthday weekend don't you?! Tonight I'm heading to Happy Hour with my roommate and probably going to have a night in - drinking and movie watching. The rest of the weekend will be spent, shopping, drinking, dancing, and spending time with friends and family before the big 2-4 on Monday!


After Kira's inspiring post last Friday, I went into Polyvore, (um obsessed) and created a little set of my own to showcase where I want my fashion and style to go.  I have decided that my look is simple/feminine/glam. I love the idea of mixing and matching basics with feminine pieces. A good sweater, simple shoes, and good accessories are definitely on the list. I'm also looking for good investment pieces, that I can wear with something I found at a vintage store or Marshall's. I have recently started a new job, figured out some more passions in my life, and really started to have a good vision of who I want to be and how I can showcase that through my fashion.

Ladies and gentleman, if you have not created a Polyvore account - do it! I have found that it is really helpful when figuring out what you like and outfits you want to put together.

Have a fabulous weekend!!! And make sure to follow on Instagram and Twitter for all of the AKA Blog fun!


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