August 7, 2014

Fashion Fridays: Minimalism

Fashion Fridays: Minimalism

How it is Friday already I am unsure, but I will happily accept it and welcome the weekend!

I have been thinking a lot about life lately and about what I want and all these other great philosophical things. I will not bore you with those details, however, in this search for life's purpose I realize how much unnecessary shit I have acquired over the years. While some items are precious and valuable and meaningful in my life others are simply just there. I want less emphasis on things and more on living. I want my life to be simplified and so I am making a move to MINIMALISM!

I realized over the last year, that when it comes to style I love and appreciate style across the board. I love a crazy print, bold jewelry, bright hair and countless others. However I also noticed myself gravitating to a simpler style. I have such a hard time getting dressed sometimes because I feel like my closet is all over the place rather than a cohesive style.

Through Pinterest, I've really been able to hone in on a look, without even trying. I simply picked outfits I liked, stepped back and realized the clothes I wanted to wear were all minimal looks, very simple, streamlined but fantastic. I wanna build a wardrobe of great basics, but still with signature pieces and personality.

I am excited to edit my current wardrobe. I mean most people have closets that are overflowing with items they never wear. To me that is a waste of time and money. So I shall instead, have less, wear more and enjoy the process of getting dressed.

*Images via Pinterest

Here are a few great sites, bloggers that can teach you a thing or 2 about the minimal life!

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My fave minimal style instagram: @b_minimalistic

Happy Friday and have a beautiful weekend!


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