May 28, 2014

Bring Your Pins To Life

How many of us are guilty to pinning projects, recipes, and fashion inspirations on Pinterest and then never actually trying them? We definitely are! There are just so many fun finds that it can be hard to complete all of the Pins that you like!

This summer our plan is to try to complete some of these real life Pins! Our series "Bring Your Pins To Life" will get started soon and we will attempt to recreate some of our favorite Pins from Pinterest! Below are some Pins that I am excited to try!

I'm loving this DIY folding chair - who knew they could look so chic? 

These glitter vases are so fun for tall flowers 

Rainbow veggie pizza, fresh and colorful!

This up -do looks effortless for summer

Zucchini pasta is a great way to watch carbs  while enjoying some great flavors!

These meringue cookies look almost too pretty to eat!

Check out our individual Pinterest's for some fun pin projects coming up! 

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