May 6, 2014

Mother's Day

It's almost Mother's Day! We love our Mom's so much, they have done so much for us over the years, and have truly supported us in the beginning of this blog adventure!

Ashley and her mom Halloween ready

Sheryl and Ashley having some Disneyland fun

We thought we would compile a few ideas for things to do with your mom for Mother's Day and a few ideas for some meaningful gifts that won't break the bank!

Sometimes just spending time with your mom  is the perfect gift. Flowers are beautiful but most moms just want their babies back, so be nice and hang out with her!

  • Have Happy Hour with your mom! When was the last time you and your mom went out and got a drink together? Find somewhere that has a pretty view or nice ambiance!
  • Go on a walk/hike, it can be a great way to catch up on your lives and spend some quite time together.
  • Take a zumba, yoga, or dance class! Maybe you will find the next "thing"  you do together! 

Think about what your mom likes to do and plan something around that, does your mom like to garden? Maybe spend the day helping her pick out new flowers to plant. Does she like art? Find a museum to go to. Whatever her interests are, try something out with her or lend a hand on one of her current projects. Make it all about what she likes! 

Remember when you were in 2nd grade and made your mom her 47th macaroni necklace, and she loved it because you made it? You can do something similar now! A little hard work and the help of Pinterest you can DIY something for your mom, minus the macaroni this time around. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas

DIY a fun mug for her morning tea

Make a piece of art with painted doilies 

Give the gift of wine! I feel like most mothers enjoy the grape so why not buy her a bottle she likes and put your own stamp on it. Customize the label by making something on your computer or by hand. It can be a nice personal touch to an everyday gift. 

This says bridesmaid but you get the idea

Lastly, don't forget your many others Moms in your life; your favorite Aunt, or a friend's mom that has always been there for you, or another mother figure - sending them a card is somrthing really sweet an simple that can put a smile on thier face. 

Stroller swag, with Kira's mama and cousin
Kira and her mom at Kira's college grad party

Have a great Mother's day! Don't forget to follow Ashley's Pinterest and Kira's Pinterest for more ideas, and make sure to follow on Instagram and Twitter  too!

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