May 12, 2014

Monday Blues

I woke up this morning and realized I had come down with a sever case of... The Mondays.

I was tired, unexcited and simply uninterested in Monday and anything having to do with it.

While it may be nice to stay in bed all day and continue to hate the Mondays, it is socially unacceptable and I guess personally unacceptable if I just succumb to the Mondays. I mean I should put up a little fight.

Check out some of Ashley and I's Monday Blues Remedies and please feel free to share some of your own!

  • Reach out to a friend! Maybe your not the only one on the struggle bus this morning. 
  • Workout, go to the gym or try to fit in a walk. Basically just get moving. 
  • Wear your favorite outfit. Sometimes looking good translates to feeling good. 
  • Make plans after work, have something to look forward to.
  • Revisit an old favorite, maybe you have a favorite episode or chapter in a book. Something to escape for a bit and put a smile on your face. 
  • Make yourself a really yummy breakfast, get some good food and energy into your body. 
  • Smile, because it scientifically makes you feel better. 


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