May 27, 2014

Office Chic

I have been on the hunt for a new job for a little while, and have been doing odd-jobs in the mean time. I'm very excited to get a consistent schedule back in my life. I find starting a new job, is similar to those first day of school jitters. You don't know how everything is going to work out, but you are excited to try.

Similarly with the beginning of school, I think it is important (if you can) to make your office space your own. Adding in a few personal touches will make work fun! Here are some chic office supplies that are currently on my list for when I get that new job! 

Office Chic

These Kate Spade idiom pencils will give you motivation throughout the day

A simple black and white vase will look great with bright flowers 

Loving this "big ideas" notebook

White and geometric stapler and tape dispenser gives off a cool vibe on your desk 

This aqua and white patterned bowl is great for odds and ends on your desk 

Push pins in the shape of bows? Sign me up! 

Pink paper clips add a little bit of style to any document 

Eiffel tower scissors will help you dream of your next vacation while at the office 

This pink pencil holder is just so perfect!

This black and white printed document holder can help organize your desk and add some pattern 

A great day-to-day organizer is needed at any office 


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