May 9, 2014

Fashion Fridays: Karen

We have both known Karen since she was little maybe 7 or 8. She is the younger sister of one of our best friends, Nicole, and basically our adopted little sis. She is fun and full of life and also incredibly knowledgeable about fashion; she currently attends FIDM's Los Angeles  campus and works at Louis Vuitton. Karen is one of those girls that is always fashionable and always knows how to put together a perfect look.

When we began to plan out this series we both knew Karen would be a great person to feature. We also wanted to take advantage of her fashion expertise and ask her a few questions. Check out our interview with her below along with one of her favorite outfits.

Where do you find your fashion inspirations?

Well I feel like a lot of my inspirations comes from the Bay. My style ties back to home - especially street wear in the Bay Area - just the whole Bay Area culture. Now I'll mix and match - my new found LA style while sticking to my Bay Area roots

Favorite fashion icons?

Ahh... there are so many!! But I'm always really into what Rihanna is wearing - always always! She is always ahead of the game and she never gives a f*%#

Where do you shop?

I don't usually get much time to shop but when I can I love Zara, Top shop, I recently feel in love with some things at Kitson - they have some cool brands and graphic tees.. Nordstrom, Urban, H&M, Buffalo Exchange, Brandy.. literally almost everywhere! I also love to shop online when I'm bored and feeling the urge, Karmaloop is a favorite of mine! And I can never say no to a good Thrift store.. 

How do you go about planning an outfit?

Okay - I first start off with my shoes - I find that to be the hardest part. So I look at my shoes first. If I want to be comfy I'll throw on my Converse or even my Nike Frees. Although I can say that I'm finding myself more in heels since I've moved to LA. So I start from the bottom and work my way to the top. Bottoms, top, and then everything else! 

Any advice for taking fabulous outfit pics?

Don't be afraid to take too many pictures. Whenever I find myself taking my #OOTD -  I have to take a lot. You got to have options! And also good lighting. Have fun first, edit later! 

What are some trends you are looking forward to trying this summer?

I feel like we're still in this "90's Grunge" phase, so I'm looking forward to seeing brighter and more vibrant colors this summer

Any tips for someone wanting to pursue a career in fashion?

Have thick skin. Know that this is something that you really really really want to do. Educate yourself and do your research - you have to go into it full force 

Best piece of advice someone gave you?

Keep going.

Karen's Outfit; Top- Men's tee DVMN Pigeon NY, Pants- H&M, Heels - her roomate's, Bracelet - H&M

If you want to see more of Karen's fashion check out her Instagram! Make sure to follow along with AKA Blog on Twitter and Instagram for more Fashion Fridays! 


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