March 12, 2015

Fashion Friday meets Amazing Apps: Poshmark

Today your in luck because this post is basically a 2 for 1 deal! 1 amazing app which doubles as a great fashion find.

I have been on Poshmark for the last couple of months and I love it. I am a huge fan of thrift stores and other second hand & consignment shops. What I don't love is when I try to resell my clothes and get very little back. This is what brought me to Poshmark and my experience there so far is keeping me!

The app allows you to be in control of your listing and the price! Its as easy as taking pictures of your items, describing them and setting a price. The app is very much community based. Its fairly easy to grow your followers and you are able to share other shoppers items in order to show your love and be a good posh friend.

I highly recommend checking out the app for both buying and selling! There is everything from fast fashion items on the super cheap to great designer finds. Here are some tips I've picked up using the app!


  • Not ready to pull the trigger? Like the item and it will be saved in your profile. This way you can easily check back on the item and you'll be notified when the price drops!
  • Bargain! Price to high? Make an offer, but don't lowball
  • Better pictures = better sales
  • Think about your pricing! Would you rebuy your item at that price? Is the condition of your item worthy of that price? Be fair. 
  • Interact with those interested in your items!
  • Bundle items for buyers and you both save!
  • Share items to Posh parties in order to get to buyers looking for that particular brand/style
Have fun and enjoy! You can check out my closet here!


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