March 10, 2015

I'm Obsessed: Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for some time but they are growing more and more popular all the time. It wasn't until recently that I really started paying attention to Podcasts and starting consistently listening too them. The other day while hanging out with Ashley, every other story or piece of news I had to share began with "I was listening to this podcast..." Safe to say I'm hooked.

What is so great about Podcasts is that they have so much creativity and open endedness. They can be 20 mins or 3 hours, they can drop F bombs or sing children s songs.The world of Podcasting seems limitless and able to provide creators with a unique opportunity to deliver content that cannot be found or duplicated on TV or in other entertainment genres.

I am by no means any authority on Podcasts, but I do however have some recommendations! Here they are in no particular order, enjoy!

  • Serial: Ashley and I became obsessed last year and even dedicated a whole post to the series, which you can check out here
  • Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids: This podcast is exactly what it sounds like and is hilarious and heartwarming. Brave souls stand up in front of an audience and read their childhood work. Its taped in Canada so its extra fun to hear their accents!
  • Death, Sex & Money: Great podcast on all the things we often think about yet don't always discuss. I genuinely love this podcast but it's also pretty cool that my brother is currently working on this show!
  • Savage Lovecast: Host Dan Savage will answer anything and everything having to do with love & relationships and really any other topic. He is frank and in your face and if he can't answer it he'll find an expert who can. 
  • The Read: Kid Fury and Crissle dish out their take on pop culture and celebrity news with blunt honesty and humor. This Podcast is the opposite of conservative. They are fun, witty and a bit over the top.
Do you have any podcast that you like to listen to? Let me know in the comments below.


P.S. FastCompany just did a great article on Podcasts which you can check out here!

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