March 18, 2015

Interweb Goodies

Another Wednesday, another round up of fab links!

Check out this epic reading list! Ashley and I definitely have plans to tackle this list together!

Nobody likes stress yet everyone experiences it. Check out these great tips on how to destress hour by hour!

Everyone also likes to be HAPPY too! Here are 5 easy habits to get you feeling happy!

Kira has recently become obsessed with broad city and you should too! Watch full episodes and clips here!!!

I had no idea what this link was at first when Ashley suggested it, but it quickly became apparent! She recently fell in love with Andrew J. West at Walker Stalker Con when we met him - he was so nice!! You can check out our post about that here.

This link however will take you to his gorgeous wedding. These photos really are stunning as is the bride and groom!

Enjoy your Wednesdays


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