March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Ashley's Ireland Adventure

The summer before my Senior year of college I studied abroad in Rome. It was a glorious summer and I cherished every minute of it. You can read all about it here! While Italy truly captured my heart, I also spent some time in Ireland and Scotland before stating my program. Every year around this time, because of St. Patrick's Day I become incredibly nostalgic about Ireland and the time I spent there getting back to my family roots!


Exploring Malahide just outside of Dublin

Castles were the norm in Ireland, so gorgeous!

Malahide also had beautiful beaches, who would have thought?

Spending time on Howth, a small fishing village

A trip to Ireland is never complete without a lot of Guinness and Jameson, I was able to take a tour of the Jameson distillery and became an official Jameson taste tester!

Spent a lot of time wandering around Dublin, where I stayed, and found beautiful old churches!

Exploring the countryside with my person! 

The Cliffs of Moher were a dream - and so windy!

 Beauty scenes were around every corner! 

If you are ever given the opportunity to go to Ireland - do it!! It is a beautiful country filled with friendly people! Dublin was a fun city with great nightlife - Temple Bar is just as cool as it sounds! Take advantage of day trips while you are there, it was a great way for us to see all that it has to offer! 

My Top Things To Do: 

1. Have a Guinness everywhere and anywhere! 
2. Take a day trip through the countryside
3. Spend a day wandering around Dublin - you never know what you might find. Old churches, street performers, delicious food! 
4. Talk to people - everyone is so nice in Ireland, you will meet many new friends!
5. Go to The Confession Box on Marlborough Street. We went on our last night in Dublin and let me tell you - it was an experience. It was filled with there little old men who go to drink there every night. They were so friendly and loved to talk. It was one of the funniest nights of my life! 


  1. Ireland sounds amazing! I definitely want to go there one day xx

    1. Rita, you should totally go! It's a great place for fun party city nights and exploring small towns in the country!