March 12, 2015

White Elephant Sale

White Elephant Sale you say, what is that? 

To put it shortly it is the biggest rummage sale/ thrift store you've ever seen! It is pretty incredible. Every year during the first weekend in March the Oakland Museum's Women's Board hosts the sale as a fundraiser for the museum. thousands of people show up at this huge warehouse in Oakland and thrift until they can no more. 

Ashley and I went on Sunday. It is busy and hectic and I can't imagine what Saturday looked like. The amount of stuff is incredible! Saturday may have the better items but the great thing about Sunday is nearly everything is half off!

You may be wondering what all this stuff is, well they have a little bit of everything. Clothing, accessories, kitchen items, crafting supplies, art, furniture, books and all organized into different shopping sections. The sale is overwhelming but they do a fantastic job organizing the event. Which is not so surprising when you realize the board has been putting on the sale for over 50 years! Go Women's Board!

The sale was very cool to check out and I had been wanting to go for years. If your in the Bay next March I suggest you check it out! 


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