March 21, 2014

Amazing Apps: Music

Ashley and I love music, it is a staple of our friendship, and we always have some on while we work. Apps have made it even easier for us to love music, play music, share music, and find new music.

Here are our go to apps when it comes to music.

Songza: Most amazing playlist app! You can put in an activity, mood or genre and it will offer up multiple professionally assembled playlists; everything from sweaty dance party to somber songs to fall asleep to. It is both expansive and specific in the types of music it offers. I have never been let down by their playlists. If none of that has sold you, there are also no ads or commercials that interrupt your music! I LOVE this app.

Shazam: One of my first and most used apps that I’ve downloaded. I can never remember the names of songs and I’m always trying to discover new music and Shazam helps greatly with both of those tasks. I have no idea how the app works but I’m constantly amazed at how quickly and accurately it works, it’s basically magic. I also use it to tag songs that I already know but want to download. This way I always have a running list on my phone.

Soundcloud: This is the newest music app I’ve been using and so far so good. I’m still figuring out how to make the most of it for my needs but I really like being able to follow friends as well as musicians. This way you can see what your friends are listening to as well as your favorite musicians. It’s great for finding and checking out new music and great for finding remixes of your favorite songs. You can also create your own playlists from the app. This app allows you to like, follow and creat different playlists so it is one if the more personal, customizable music apps. Enjoy!


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