March 25, 2014

Kira's Dresser Organization

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 A couple months back I made over my old dresser, you can check out the makeover post here. I am so happy with the results and it is so much easier to get dressed now. My closet is no longer over flowing and all my jewelry and make up have a place to go. Now that I'm all settled in I thought I'd update you and show you how I organize my dresser. Ashley did a similar post last year which you can check out here

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I try to keep the top of my dresser clean and organized at all times. That way I can set out jewelry and make up on it as I get ready. I also use it often as a makeshift standing desk and like to set my computer on top. Plus it just looks nice when its all clean! 

I like keeping practical items handy on my dresser like lotion and perfume as well as a few sentimental items. I love seeing my signed copy of The Weeknd's KissLand everyday along with a baby pic of me and my bro and one of my grandparents. The canvas is a gift from Ashley that has one of our all time favorite quotes from Season 2 Project Runway, aka the best season!  Also if your digging those custom crayons, you can learn how to make them here.

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This little contraption is the best! I bought it at Marshalls, it's intended purpose is for the office but it works perfectly for my makeup and jewelry. In the first drawer I keep the makeup I use on a daily basis, while the special occasion makeup/ extra stuff goes in the second drawer. 

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