March 28, 2014

Blogs I Read

Ashley did a similar post a few months back which you can check out here. We read a lot of the same blogs but I didn't want to bore you with the same list, so here is a list of blogs I keep up with, enjoy!

Wrist swag by Pretty in Thrift, Beautiful rainbow that is Solange, Tropical treat Trop Rouge, and the ever goofy Man Repeller

Trop Rouge: The gorgeous Christina Cardona shows us how fun and fashionable she is in NYC and all over the world. I love her style, she can literally pull off any look and I've never seen her wear the same shoes twice. Basically she's livin the dream.

Pretty In Thrift: This is one of the first fashion blogs I started following regularly. I love thrifting, it is definitely one of my hobbies/passions so I connected immediately to this blog. I love the unique fashion and perspective of writer/stylist Stefany. And she just did a beautiful site redesign!

The Man Repeller: I love this humorous take on high fashion. I appreciate the non serious approach to what is usually an overly serious subject. Plus the fashion is great!

The Band Wife: I love the look of this blog, simple and stylish. I also love that all the fashion and crafts are simple and accessible. I can actually afford to read this blog unlike many of the others where the fashion is way over my current budget.

My Damn Blog: A beautiful peek into Solange Knowles life. Simple and completely made up of beautiful pictures, some with captions most without.

Frank Ocean’s Tumbler: Because I love him and he’s an amazing writer/person.

Who What Wear: Great blog with a lot of content, tons of amazing slideshows and celebrity fashion pics. With major sites like this I like to check out/ follow there other social media sites; Pinterest, Instagram etc. With so much content sometimes its nice to follow a specific Pinterest board to zero in on things you are most interested in.

The Blab: Another great high fashion blog with a Parisian twist. I look at the site every once in a while but I follow them on Pinterest to get great pins and fashion inspiration.

The Native Fox. This girl is just super fly. I can’t afford a single thing she wears but her styling is impeccable. I like her site but don’t read it too often; instead I keep up with her on Instagram.


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  1. Yay, I love coming across new blogs to read! Great list girl! :)
    xo TJ