March 14, 2014

Spring into Spring

It’s Spring! Time for flowers, bright colors, lots of birthdays, and hopefully some more California rain. I’m truly thrilled to bring the essence of Spring into my wardrobe and adventures. Here is my little top 10 list for Spring: 

  1. Start working on my vegetable garden so I can enjoy fresh veggies all summer
  2. Take many hikes with friends while there is truly perfect weather
  3. Celebrate St. Patty's Day surrounded by family and friends... and Irish Coffees 
  4. Buy a pair of floral printed pants 
  5. Three of my best friends have birthdays in Spring, so I want to have fun celebrating
  6. Have Easter brunch with my family 
  7. Clean up my backyard so it's ready for summer BBQ's! 
  8. Lots of pastel and bright nails
  9. Purchase a great pair of high-tops to wear all season long 
  10. Spring Cleaning!!! 

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