April 25, 2014

Fashion Fridays: Summer Jumpsuit

I'm on the hunt - for a summer jumpsuit!

I have a jumpsuit that I bought for the recent Yeezus concert. It's black with these fabulous pockets, from Necessary Clothing, it isn't currently on their website, but I found a few other items that I love!. I saw a friend wearing one when we went out one night and it just looked so comfy. It is a great piece - and works well for nights out and concerts. However, I'm on the hunt for a flowy, lightweight one that I can wear during the summer months. 

These are some looks that I am currently craving! 

I'm loving the white and breathable fabric with this look. 

Although this one is dark, since it is done in a navy it can be wearable more during the day as Lauren is doing here. Also, with a cropped leg, it gives off more of a casual vibe. 

Kim K's just looks so flowy and fabulous. The fabric looks wearable, and in a cream color it is perfect for spring and summer! 

Images via Pinterest and Glamour 



  1. Absolutely loving all of these jumpsuits! So perfect for Spring and Summer :)
    xo TJ


    1. Yea! They are so fun, I'm really excited to buy one for this warm weather!