April 7, 2014

We're Obsessed

This is truly and ode to Rich Fig lipstick by Mary Kay.

Source via Mary Kay.com

Ashley is a Mary Kay consultant - which she loves. It gives us a huge appreciation for makeup, skin care, and independent business women! Are there any of you out there who are consultants or lovers of Mary Kay products? Ashley started her Junior year of college as she was trying to make some extra cash before she went to Europe for the summer to study abroad. As it turned out she loved to do it! It is so much fun to meet new people and talk about something that every girl loves - MAKEUP!! 

It wasn’t until the past year or so that we really got into lipstick. Don’t get us wrong, we always had a bold red lipstick in our makeup bags, however more recently we become more daring with our lips. 

Ashley purchased Rich Fig with the intention of wearing it every once in a while. It seemed very bold, but we both LOVE it! 

It’s so perfect! I have worn it to multiple occasions; concerts, nights out with friends, even to a few family parties! 

So please feel free to be daring with your makeup every once in a while - it’s super worth it! 



  1. Replies
    1. Yes Emma! We totally agree! Are there any other Mary Kay colors that you love?


  2. I love a bold lip, but sometimes I have a bad habit of over doing it. I've found out the hard way that bright purple and almost black aren't exactly my color. This however, would be a wonderful bold lip that has a little edge without going overboard!

    - Ashley Minck