April 1, 2014

Monthly Mood: April

Welcome to our new series Monthly Mood! Each month we are going to talk about what we are looking forward to, what is inspiring us, and what is to come on the blog!

Monthly Mood: April

Monthly Mood: April by akablog featuring Pier 1 Imports

We have a lot of exciting things coming up in April, however it is a quieter month for us to lay low and hang out with friends and family, because it always seems like May is crazy! This month Kira is headed to New Orleans, so look forward to a fun post about that and make sure to follow along with her trip on our Instagram. Ashley is excited for the return of Mad Men and Baseball! We are looking forward to some floral prints making their way into our closets - and hopefully California will get some rain which means we can wear some cute rain worthy accessories! Earth Day is April 22nd, and we are going to be posting about some of our favorite up-cycled items. We are also going to be attending a fun Up-Cycle event at a local Art Center. Easter will bring some fun brunch recipes to the blog - and maybe some DIY crafts! One of our best friends has a birthday in April, and I think we are going to be having some outdoor fun to celebrate. As the weather gets nicer, we hope to go on some more hikes and mini-adventures around the Bay Area! 


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