April 30, 2014

Interweb Goodies: Mean Girls Edition

On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Today Mean Girls turns 10! Can you believe it!? To celebrate we wanted to share some of our fave interweb finds on this great film, enjoy!

First things first, lets catch up with the cast and see where they are now

Now that your up to speed on the cast let's test your knowledge of the film via this quiz from Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed can also help you figure out what level of fandom you possess

Your such a super fan you probably already know these secrets about the film

Mean Girls even makes math better! Check out these great charts that would make the Mathaletes proud

Amazing Mean Girl accessories can be found here and here

See Mean Girls Disney Style - Warning, it is amazing

And for our last link, lets take it all the way back to check out the premiere of this great film


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