April 29, 2014

Sustainable Fashion

All of these amazing jackets were found second hand!

Fun fact about us: we love thrifting

When we were in high school we were always really into dressing up for spirit week. While we did babysit and work after school we had to make magic on a budget, thus we went on all-day hunts for the perfect finds at some local thrift stores. 

Since April features Earth Day we wanted to share some sustainable and fashionable tips for helping you look good, save money and be nice to mother earth!

One great way to save money is to shop at thrift stores or other second hand stores. The selection is always varied and sometimes it may seem like there's not much around you would really want to wear, but with a little patience and some digging, greatness can be found!

Insider tip: Be in the mindset to thrift! You will need energy and time for this kind of shopping, do not go on an empty stomach or a sleepy one.

Kira's parrot jacket from Buffalo Exchange is also reversible!

Another great thing about these stores is you can often sell and/or donate your clothes. Selling back is a little more difficult, but worth it if you have pieces in good condition that you no longer wear. Often you get more money in trade than cash but either option great, especially if you shop at the store often. I mean what else are you going to do with clothes in your closet that you no longer wear. Free up some space for yourself, make some cash and donate the rest to others who aren't as lucky to have a surplus of clothing. Its a win-win-win!

Now that you've read how amazing thrifting can be check out some of our fave spots to thrift!

Fave Shops:

Gold greatness from Thrift Town

Thirft Town: multiple locations in the Bay Area. We usually go to the one in El Sobrante. We have found some uh-mazing finds, black body suits, gold cheetah print jackets and everything in between.

Goodwill: Found all over the US, heres some of our local faves
Albany - This Goodwill is newer so its very clean and organized. Ashley was able to find a copy of one of our favorite movies, Save The Last Dance!! While her mom picked up a great Kate Spade bag!

Richmond - One of the smaller Goodwill stores, which means less inventory but also less items to sort through. One of the few thrift stores you can go through quickly. Kira was able to stop by here last new years eve and 20 mins later walked out with the perfect $5 Eileen Fischer sequin top for that night.

*All locations also take donations so do a little cleaning before you head over and reward yourself with some shopping. Whats great about Thrift Town and Goodwill is that there are other items besides clothing. Great place to buy cheap books as well as housewares.

Resell and shop: multiple locations throughout the Bay Area and US.

- Buffalo Exchange: Spent countless hours in Buffalos all over, with many many great finds under our belts. More expensive than a thrift store but with higher quality pieces. Kira's most recent fab find here was a great fitting chambray J. Crew button up for $20 which is a steal compared to the original price tag which was closer to $100. I have also sold clothes back to Buffalo many times. They are picky but its usually a pretty seamless process.

Crossroads Trading Co:  Very similar to Buffalo. I recently sold clothes back to Crossroads and was very happy with my exchange. I was able to pick up a great J. Crew skirt here too!

Eileen Fisher top and J.Crew skirt mentioned above + Ashley's fave pink blazer from Thrift Town

Wherever and however you like to shop, think about the impact your clothes make on the world. Donate what you can and think sustainability when possible. Lots of little actions can go a long way!