June 19, 2014

AKA Bookshelf: Girl With A Pearl Earring

Is anyone else out there a fan of movie/book comparisons. Umm... who am I kidding I think a lot of people are. A little late in the game but I finally read Girl With A Pearl Earring, and I am now excited to curl up with tea, paint my nails, and read the latest issue of Vogue while watching it this weekend.

Chevalier's book cover

I've been on a super reading kick recently, I looked at the pile of books next to my bed and decided to tackle it as my summer project. Some are classics that I haven't picked up in years some are light-hearted reads that I have picked up at garage sales and thrift stores over the past couple of years. 

Most recently I dug into 1600's Amsterdam in the wonderful fiction telling of one of the most famous paintings from that time. Girl With A Pearl Earring was a quick read that followed the life of a young fictional girl, Greit, as she becomes a maid for the real life painter, Johannes Vermeer and his family. While this book doesn't keep you on your toes, showcase stressful fashion jobs, or transport you to a land of broomsticks and golden snitches, it is the prefect book to pick up an read while on vacation with the fam or on a girls weekend at the beach this summer. It's lighthearted and the author, Tracy Chevalier, keeps building tension between the two main characters throughout the entire novel - like 1600's 50 Shades of Grey  (okay not quite - but there is some tension).

Movie poster - now this shows the tension!

It also got me thinking of other book-to-movies. I love to read the book before I watch the movie, so if you haven't read Wild, Gone Girl, Mockingjay, or 50 Shades of Grey I highly recommend watching them before they come out in theaters this year!

Happy reading (and watching)


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