June 16, 2014

(Something Clever About This Being Our 100th Post)


Happy Monday!! Today marks a very exciting day in our little AKA world. It's our 100th post! We have been doing a lot of talking lately about our blog and trying to figure out our voice. Sometimes blogging can be really frustrating and hard. You want it to be as authentic as possible, which is then nerve racking because what if no one wants to read it - aka the most sad. We want to start becoming more "real" on our blog, featuring more posts about who we are, both as friends and individuals, and our vibes. In the blog-sphere it is really easy to get trapped into thinking about what we should be doing which can defer you from what you want to be doing. We look at some of the blogs we follow and think "how are they doing so many crafts" or "how is she affording all of those fab shoes" but in reality no one really lives like that (well some people do but not about 95% of us) and that's totally okay!! We don't want to be like every other blog that is out there.

We love dressing up! 80's forever

So enough ranting/updating. Below are some of our favorite pics and posts! Enjoy!

Ashley had a craving for Banana Pecan Raisin muffins and whipped up this recipe 

Since starting Fashion Fridays everyone has been so much fun to work with - we loved working with Outlook.Clothing on their post. They were the best promoters!

Kind of appropriate since Ashley is starting a new job today - but her Office Chic post was a lot of fun to plan and the colors are so damn pretty!

Many months later and Kira is still obsessed with her dresser makeover.

Kira's crew neck obsession (yes it's an obsession) was one of Ashley's favorite posts

Lets pretend Kira's mouth is open because she was singing

Being half way through the year already is a trip. It's nice to look back at our New Years resolutions to see what we have accomplished and where we still need to work. Ashley's resolutions here and Kira's here!

Ashley's 21! Maybe Kira's a little too excited!

This brown sugar scrub has made it into our beauty routines - and the picture is one of our favorites ever on the blog!

Pie is amazing and it was so fun to bake a pie for the very first time in celebration of Pi Day, math tastes good y'all!

And lastly one of our fave posts is the introduction to our new and improved site. The amazing Ashley won us a blog redesign and it really boosted our confidence and passion for the blog!

Peace out and stay tuned for the next 100


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